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TG22-WS Benchtop High-Speed Centrifuge

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TG22-WS is useful for routine application in bio-technology , PCR, life science and clinical labs etc. This is suitable for routine sample analysis in Medical, Hospital and Institutional laboratories. With a wide choice of rotor heads and adapters, this unit is truly versatile.
& Reliable drive system, with low noise level and running stable.
& Protection for door lid, over-speed, and imbalance.
& Easy operation, and easy to load and unload rotors.
& Stainless steel chamber and full metal structure.
& With manual emergency lid release for unexpected power interruption.
& Brushless induction motor with frequency drive ensures gentle start.

Technical parameters:

Model TG22-WS
Screen Digital display LCD display
Max Speed 22000r/min
Max RCF 34700×g
Timer Range 0~99min
Acceleration Rate 1~9 grade
Deceleration  Rate 1~9 grade
Motor Convert motor
Noise ≤85dB(A)
Power Supply AC220v 50Hz 5A
Dimension 525×415×345mm(L×W×H)
Weight 35kg

Max Speed:22000r/min
Max Capacity:12×1.5/2.2ml AR
Max RCF:34700xg

Max Speed:13000r/min
Max Capacity:8×5ml AR
Max RCF:11400xg
No.3 Max Speed:12000r/min
Max Capacity:12×10/15ml AR
Max RCF:14800xg
No.4 Max Speed:13500r/min
Max Capacity:24×1.5/2.2ml AR
Max RCF:17000xg
No.5 Max Speed:13500r/min
Max Capacity:18×0.5ml AR
Max RCF:17000xg

Max Speed:13500r/min
Max Capacity:36×1.5/2.2ml AR
Max RCF:17600xg
Max Speed:11000r/min
Max Capacity:6×50ml AR
Max RCF:12000xg
Max Speed:10000r/min
Max Capacity:4×100ml AR
Max RCF:9800xg

Max Speed:4000r/min
Max Capacity:2×2×48 holes
Max RCF:1760xg
No.10 Max Speed:13000r/min
Max Capacity:6×30ml AR
Max RCF:17000xg
Max Speed:13000r/min
Max Capacity:6×15ml AR
Max RCF:15100xg

Max Speed:8000r/min
Max Capacity:8×50ml AR
Max RCF:9800xg