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Drawell Team-Building in Spring

2021-09-03 13:56

The Labor Day Holidy was around the corner, Drawell organized a team-building activity by doing several interesting indoor games. It was 1:30pm on 30th April that all employess started the funny games and bursted into laughter.
Round One [WHO IS THE UNDERCOVER? 谁是卧底?]
Every player would pick a word randomly. Two of them would have a similar but totally different word, so they became the UNDERCOVERS. They had to simply describ the words. To disguise themselve, UNDERCOVERS sometimes referred to funny things, which made others laugh out loud.
You may feel the joy by these photos.


Round Two  [GUANG SAN YUAN 逛三园 ]

This is a game that tests the mental quality and the body balance.
The host has to choose a topic, which can be a situation/a place/a thing, etc, and players have to name something within the topic, while they have to follow the host’s tempo with their hands.
As the game progressed in full swing, topics were changed from food, animals plants to bars, trains, even toilets. Group 3 gradually defeated Groupd 1, Group 2 and Groupd 4.  Let’s see how they won the game. 

Round Three [Lucky Draw]
All the members from the winning group could randomly pick a red envelope with some cash insde. To our surprise, it was Group3 who won the first game and the second game. This team building ended with laughter and joy. 

This is Drawell: actively join the games, passionately cooperate at work and greatly support each other in life.